Obituary: Denise Bryer

We are extremely sad to report that Denise Bryer, best known to Anderson fans as the voice of Zelda in Terrahawks, has died...

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A History of Gerry Anderson Toys – Part 1

In a career spanning more than fifty years, the films and television series produced by Gerry Anderson have enjoyed a lasting popularity both...


The Arthur Provis Story

The story of Gerry Anderson’s career is one that also encompasses the careers of the many other talented individuals who worked with him...

Denise Bryer interview Gerry Anderson podcast

Denise Bryer Interview on the Gerry Anderson Podcast

Denise Bryer is best known to Anderson fans as Zelda from Terrahawks, but she began work with Gerry Anderson on Twizzle playing Footso...

Denise Bryer celebrates 90

Denise Bryer Celebrates 90 Years with Danish Furniture Maker!

The longest ever serving Gerry Anderson voice artist, Denise Bryer, recently turned 90. As a vivacious, active and very happy nonagenarian, Denise’s ninth...


A.P. Films Co-Founder Arthur Provis Dies

We are sad to announce the death of A.P. Films co-founder Arthur Provis. Arthur was born in 1925 in Reading, Berkshire and during...


Roberta Leigh – 1926-2014

The woman credited with starting Gerry Anderson on his path to puppetry success with The Adventures of Twizzle and Torchy the Battery boy,...

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