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Disappearances at SHADO Control: the revolving cast of UFO

When re-watching UFO in production order (or the similar ITC Recommended order) many established characters suddenly disappear without explanation after the seventeenth episode....

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UFO: Deleted scenes and shots from Identified

Many Anderson productions originally included scenes that, for various reasons, were trimmed, reshot, or removed altogether. Although the film material for these deleted...


FAB Facts: Ed Straker’s Second in Command Casting Choices

When production of UFO was temporarily halted after episode seventeen (Sub-Smash), many of the cast had taken on other work by the time...


FAB Facts: Why Did Half of the UFO Cast Disappear after Episode 17?

It’s a known fact that a lot of the regular cast members of Gerry Anderson’s UFO disappeared during the series, most notably Alec...

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