FAB Facts: Terrahawks started life as an anime series?

Following the success of various Anderson shows in Japan, at one stage Gerry was approached to pitch a show to a Japanese network...


FAB Facts: The use of Thunderbirds music in Takeshi’s Castle

Japanese gameshow Takeshi’s Castle is a very popular show to this day, and often featured music from other areas of pop culture –...


Stingray’s Japanese linking material

In December 2000, television historian Jaz Wiseman was searching a film vault in London for material that could possibly be included on Carlton...


Konami Models: A Retrospective Review

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Japanese Thunderbirds CD 2016

Thunderbirds Soundtrack Tops the Charts!

Now available from HMV Japan, Amazon Japan and CD Japan, this new recording of Barry Gray’s original score for Thunderbirds has reached number...

Prepare for life on Moonbase Alpha

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