Nicholas Parsons


FAB Facts: Married Couples of the Anderverse!

Barbara Bain and Martin Landau, alongside Denise Bryer and Nicholas Parsons are often the most notable married couples who worked on Anderson shows,...


60 Years of Four Feather Falls

Four Feather Falls was the third puppet television series produced by Gerry Anderson, and the first produced by his AP Films that wasn’t...


Nicholas Parsons has died

Nicholas Parsons (1923-2020) Nicholas Parsons has entertained viewers and listeners all over the world since starting his professional acting career in 1945. Almost...


Expected the Unexpected: Nicholas Parsons Joins the Terrahawks

National treasure Nicholas Parsons will be guest-starring in the second series of Terrahawks – due for release in April 2016. Nicholas Parsons last...

Prepare for life on Moonbase Alpha

UFO: The Complete Comic Collection