Expected the Unexpected: Nicholas Parsons Joins the Terrahawks

National treasure Nicholas Parsons will be guest-starring in the second series of Terrahawks – due for release in April 2016.

Nicholas Parsons last appeared in an Anderson production in 1959 – playing Sheriff Tex Tucker in the puppet Western ‘Four Feather Falls’. After a 56 year absence, he’s returned to the recording studio to voice Nickel-plate Starsons – host of intergalactic gameshow The Sale of the Galaxy.

Nicholas Parsons and Denise Bryer
Denise Bryer (Zelda) and Nicholas Parsons (Nickel-plate Starsons)

But Starsons isn’t just a gameshow host… he has history with Queen of the planet Guk – Zelda (played by Denise Bryer – Nicholas’ first wife). Denise also played several characters in Four Feather Falls alongside Nicholas in Four Feather Falls, and this is the first time they’ve voiced characters together since then.

Nicholas Parsons Denise Bryer Terrahawks
Jamie Anderson, Nicholas Parsons, Denise Bryer and Richard James at a recent recording of Terrahawks

Other stories in the new series include: The Trouble with Toy Boys, Count Anaconda’s Magnificent Flying Circus, Lights Camera Disaster, and the free-to-download bonus episode Vile – starring Richard James as Jeremy Vile.

Richard (who played Officer Orrin in Space Precinct) has come back to record Vile – which was adapted from the Terrahawks Live sessions at Andercon 2015. The series stars Denise Bryer, Jeremy Hitchen, Robbie Stevens and Beth Chalmers, and is produced and directed by Jamie Anderson. Writers this season include Chris Dale, Stephen La Riviere, Andrew T Smith, Terry Adlam and David Hirsch.

Terrahawks series 2 is out in April 2016, and is available for pre-order from Big Finish Productions’ website!

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