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Gerry Anderson’s Five Star Five | Audiobook Sample

Five Star Five was a Gerry Anderson feature film project that never made it into production in the 1970s, but an upcoming new...

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5 Star 5 novelisation – Interview with author Richard James

With the exciting news that Gerry Anderson and Tony Barwick’s long-forgotten 1970s space fantasy movie script Five Star Five is getting a new...

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5 Star 5 – John Lovell and the Zargon Threat!

Soon after production concluded on Space:1999‘s second season, Gerry Anderson and Tony Barwick collaborated on a screenplay for a sci-fi fantasy feature film...

Terrahawks novelisation available now
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Terrahawks Novelisation Gets a 10-50!

You know?! A 10-50? That’s Terrahawks code for launch clearance! First published in 1984, Jack Curtis’ Terrahawks novelisation gave an introduction to the...

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UFO: The Complete Comic Collection