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Terrahawks Novelisation Gets a 10-50!

Terrahawks novelisation available now

Terrahawks novelisation available nowYou know?! A 10-50? That’s Terrahawks code for launch clearance!

First published in 1984, Jack Curtis’ Terrahawks novelisation gave an introduction to the story of the Terrahawks and their first missions against Zelda and her evil android family. The book has been out of print for nearly 30 years, but together with original author Jack Curtis, Anderson Entertainment have re-released the book for a brand new audience to enjoy.

The revised 2nd edition of the book features a brand new cover by Hollywood concept designer Eric Chu (the man behind so many of the posters that you may have seen), whose previous credits include Battlestar Gallactica.

It’s available now from multiple outlets including the Gerry Anderson Shop and Amazon!

The release marks another milestone in the ongoing renaissance of the 80s show, with a brand new Terrahawks audio series currently in pre-production, and talk of a brand new blu-ray release of the series in 2015.

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