Gerry Anderson podcast pod 4 Lee Sullivan

Pod 4: Lee Sullivan – Thunderbirds, Doctor Who and Transformers comic artist

Lee Sullivan is one of the best-known British comic artists and is responsible for huge volumes of comic art for Doctor Who, Transformers,...

Gerry Anderson Podcast is go Thunderbird 2 take-off

The Gerry Anderson Podcast is go! And you could win £200 of prizes!

We’re very excited to announce that the Gerry Anderson podcast is GO and is available on the following podcast services: If you’d like...

Gerry Anderson Podcast Prequel

Gerry Anderson Podcast Prequel is Live! Listen now!

With the launch of our new podcast just days away, why not listen to the Gerry Anderson Podcast prequel now? Well, we say...

The Gerry Anderson Podcast

Official Gerry Anderson Podcast Announced

A brand new official Gerry Anderson Podcast is going live this July! Hosted by Olivier nominee Richard James (Space Precinct, Terrahawks audio), and...

Benji and Nick Show Space 1999 Podcast Episode
FunNewsSpace: 1999

The Benji and Nick Show’s Space 1999 Podcast Episode

We hope that many of you will all be aware of the Benji and Nick Show – hosted by Benji Clifford and Nicholas...

FAB Live episode 8

FAB Live Episode 7

In case you missed FAB Live episode 7, you can rewatch it anytime on the Gerry Anderson Youtube channel. Our next broadcast is...

Prepare for life on Moonbase Alpha

UFO: The Complete Comic Collection