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New Space Precinct Fanzine Launched!

Demeter City Blues is on its way! 20 years after its initial airing, a Space Precinct fanzine has been announced. The fanzine called...

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Richard James Releases New Space Precinct Book

Space Precinct Unmasked: Out Now! Richard James – the man behind the mask of Officer Orrin in Gerry Anderson’s Space Precinct has released his...

Richard James on Space Precinct eating some lunch (tuna sandwich)

Richard James on Space Precinct: A Day in the Life of a Creon

As this year is Space Precinct‘s 20th Anniversary, we’re looking to give you insights into the show and how it developed. We’ve already...

Gerry Anderson and Jim Henson - a partnership that never quite happened

Jim Henson and Gerry Anderson… What might have been

On this day in 1990 the legendary Jim Henson passed away at only 55 years of age. Known throughout the world for his...


Guest Blog – Space Precinct Changed My Life!

This week’s guest blog  comes from Richard James who played Officer Orrin in Gerry Anderson’s Space Precinct. “The release of Paul Cotrulia’s ‘Space...

Prepare for life on Moonbase Alpha

UFO: The Complete Comic Collection