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Thunderbird 2 Hoodie In Stock!

The long awaited Thunderbird 2 hoodie has finally arrived in stock at the Gerry Anderson Store. Featuring a design by Chris Thompson, it...

Merch NewsNewsThunderbirds

DeAgostini Thunderbird 2 Model

Fans of Thunderbird 2 should fasten their seat-belts and prepare for the ultimate in Thunderbirds model kits with this spectacularly detailed Thunderbird 2...


The York Maze Thunderbird 2 is GO!

A Yorkshire farmer has created a 300m long representation of THUNDERBIRD 2 from maize plants! Tom Pearcey has created the York Maze Thunderbird...


Thunderbird 2 Shaun the Sheep to be unveilved

A new Thunderbird 2 Shaun the Sheep is to be unveiled as part of the next charity arts trails from Shaun in the...

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