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Thunderbirds and more on BritBox UK!

Thunderbirds and more on BritBox UK! Calling all Gerry Anderson fans, we have some exciting news for you! On 21st July 2020 BritBox...

Thunderbirds Twitch Schedule

Thunderbirds Twitch Schedule Released

The Thunderbirds Twitch schedule as been released! To celebrate International Thunderbirds Day, a whopping 34-hour marathon of every episode of the original Thunderbirds series, including...

Thunderbirds on Twitch

34 Hours of Thunderbirds on Twitch for International Thunderbirds Day!

5…4…3…2…1…Thunderbirds are GO! In celebration of International Thunderbirds Day September 30, Shout! Factory TV and ITV Studios will live stream a 34-hour marathon...


New Thunderbirds 1965 episodes screened

During the evening of Monday 4th January, crew and Kickstarter backers gathered at the London Institute of Contemporary Arts to witness the three new...

A knowing look from Penelope at the Thunderbirds 1965 Premiere

New Thunderbirds 1965 Teasers Released

The Thunderbirds 1965 team have released two new teaser clips from the first new episode of classic Thunderbirds in 49 years: The Abominable...

Thunderbirds 1965 Premiere

Thunderbirds 1965 Premiere Report

On Wednesday 7th October, a small number of International Rescue agents gathered at a (now not so) secret location for the very first...

Lady Penelope - Thunderbirds 1965

Thunderbirds 1965 Publicity Shots Released!

Feast your eyes on these FAB Thunderbirds 1965 publicity shots released for Thunderbirds’ 50th Anniversary!


Thunderbirds 1965 Teaser Released

The team behind Thunderbirds 1965 have released a teaser from their first episode: The Abominable Snowman. The Hood has Lady Penelope held captive,...


Thunderbirds to Return to Stirling Road in Slough!

The incredibly successful Thunderbirds 1965 Kickstarter project to produce three new episodes has agreed a deal with SEGRO allowing Thunderbirds to return to...


Thunderbirds 1965 sets sights on Thunderbirds Prequel!

First New Episode of Classic Thunderbirds Fully funded The Thunderbirds 1965 Kickstarter campaign has caught the attention of Thunderbirds fans from all over...

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