Thunderbirds 1965 sets sights on Thunderbirds Prequel!

First New Episode of Classic Thunderbirds Fully funded

The Thunderbirds 1965 Kickstarter campaign has caught the attention of Thunderbirds fans from all over the globe, and has smashed through its initial £75,000 target just 4 days after launching. This means that episode 33 of Thunderbirds  (the 32nd episode was shot 49 years ago) entitled The Abominable Snowman, will begin pre-production shortly.

Thunderbirds 1965 Stretch Goal: A Thunderbirds Prequel

The campaign now has revealed its first stretch goal: to produce the prequel to Thunderbirds (using the audio only mini album – Introducing Thunderbirds). To get this prequel produced, the campaign needs to raise an additional £45,000 – for a total of £120,000.

Produce the Thunderbirds Prequel

The Thunderbirds prequel episode will be directed by veteran Thunderbirds director David Elliott – who directed many of the Classic Thunderbirds episodes. This will be his first Thunderbirds episode in 49 years!

David Elliott to direct Thunderbirds prequel

Backing the Thunderbirds 1965 campaign will be the only way to get exclusive copies of these new classic episodes on DVD or Blu-Ray as well as a host of other exciting rewards.

The project is fully supported by ITV, The Gerry Anderson Estate, and Sylvia Anderson, and could potentially take the number of classic Thunderbirds episodes from 32 to 35!

Back the FAB project now, and get copies of the new episodes by Christmas!

Visit: Thunderbirds 1965 on Kickstarter



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