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Thunderbird 6 – Is the Black Phantom the Hood?

The second and final Thunderbirds feature film of the 1960s raised a question that is still debated among fans of the show (and...


Gerry Anderson Day Easter weekend in Birmingham!

The upcoming Easter weekend is shaping up to offer much for those fans who are able to join us for the Stand by...

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VIDEO: Century 21 Tech Talk: Zero-X

Welcome to Series 3 of Century 21 Tech Talk, hosted by the head of International Rescue – Jeff Tracy! In this briefing we’ll...


Thunderbirds – The Hackenbacker Conundrum!

The third episode of the second season of Thunderbirds is not exactly a standout instalment of the series. Alias Mr. Hackenbacker largely re-treads...

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Gerry Anderson movie logo T-shirt range

Now available in our online store are two new T-shirts sporting the logos for each of the original Thunderbirds feature films! Whether you...


FAB Facts: How a Des O’ Connor Sketch got Bob Monkhouse cast in Thunderbirds

Stingray models and the Commander Shore and Marina puppets all appeared in a Des O’ Connor sketch in the 60s. Bob Monkhouse was...

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Auntie Zelda’s guide to Mars

Greetings, Earth things! It is I, Zelda – Ruler of the Universe! It has recently come to my attention that there is easy...

Thunderbirds are go at Nottingham Puppet Festival

Thunderbirds Are Go at Nottingham Puppet Festival!

Thunderbirds Are Go Film Screening and Q&A with Jamie Anderson Saturday 24 March at 1pm, Nottingham UK This year, Nottingham is holding its...

Thunderbirds Taxis are Go in London

Thunderbirds Taxis Are Go in London

Watch our for five Thunderbirds taxis in London this weekend! The publicity stunt hosted to celebrate the new series of ITV’s Thunderbirds Are...


Thunderbird 4 Spotted in the River Thames, London

ITV have built a life size Thunderbird 4 and brought it into London along the river Thames this morning ahead of the launch...

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