Joe 90

Top 9 Joe 90 guest villains

Across the thirty episodes of Joe 90, W.I.N.’s Most Special Agent faced all manner of foes; some were bent on world domination, others...

5 Star 5Fireball XL5Shows

Top five Fireball XL5 guest villains

Across thirty-nine episodes, the crew of Fireball XL5 faced a variety of dangerous adversaries as they patrolled Sector 25. In addition to the...

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INTERVIEW: artist Lee Sullivan on his new Goodies and Baddies prints!

Now available from our online store are a pair of framed prints by artist Lee Sullivan; each one featuring ten favourite ‘Goodies’ and...


Top 5 Stingray guest villains

The Stingray crew faced many foes across their 39 television adventures. Chief among these was of course the despotic Titan, leader of the...


Top 5 Thunderbirds guest villains!

The Hood may be International Rescue’s infamous arch enemy, but he was by no means the only villain they had to contend with...


The Menacing Mysterons or The Horrifying Hood?

With the spooky season of Halloween now upon us, we thought it was time to debate a question almost as old as Queen...

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