The Menacing Mysterons or The Horrifying Hood?

With the spooky season of Halloween now upon us, we thought it was time to debate a question almost as old as Queen Zelda of Guk herself… who is the scariest villain of them all from the worlds of Gerry Anderson? There are many to creepy candidates to consider so let’s get started!

Masterspy (Supercar) Voiced by George Murcell and Cyril Shaps
“I have come to finish our discussion about Supercar…”


Along with his bungling accomplice Zarin, Masterspy was bent on stealing Supercar and trying to make it big in the world of organised crime. His evil schemes included faking an emergency call to lure Mike Mercury and Dr. Beaker to the desert and then taking off with Supercar. He also sabotages a new high-speed atomic train making it unable to stop, storms the Supercar laboratory with gunfire to take the machine by force, and taps the transatlantic telephone cable. With his textbook maniacal laugh and haunting facial features, Masterspy is surely a classic villain of the early Supermarionation series.


Boris and Griselda Space Spy (Fireball XL5) Voiced by David Graham and Sylvia Anderson
“Welcome to our humble abode, Steve Zodiac, we are honoured by your visit…”


Mr. and Mrs. Space Spy are a notorious couple who have been up to their necks in space espionage. Whether they are aliens or just rather ugly humans is never revealed, but one thing is certain, they revel in causing trouble for the World Space Patrol. Their plans to foil the crew of Fireball XL5 have included capturing them in their lethal water chamber, taking over a fueling space station and holding Dr. Venus hostage. Of course the XL5 crew never allow them to succeed and the couple’s partnership is often troubled by constant bickering and misunderstanding. Can they really be considered master villains or are they no smarter than a lazy lazoon?


Titan (Stingray) Voiced by Ray Barrett
“All powerful Teufel! Vengeance must be mine!”


Following the escape of his slave Marina, Titan declared vengeance on Troy Tempest and the World Aquanaut Security Patrol. He is the ruler of the underwater city of Titanica and takes guidance from the great sea god, Teufel. Many of the undersea races fear Titan for his ruthlessness. It was he that condemned Marina, Aphony and all the people of Pacifica to an existence of silence, threatened with destruction if they uttered one word. Those who serve Titan do so in constant fear of his wrath, with surface agent X20 being his most loyal minion. In his many attempts to do evil against the land people, Titan has poisoned Troy and held the antidote to ransom, unleased a deadly flower on the Stingray crew, and attempted to gain control of the country of Hudatvia with the help of El Hudat. With the Aquaphibians and a fleet of mechanical fish at his disposal Titan is unstoppable, but more often than not the WASPs are able to defeat his and X20’s evil schemes.


The Hood (Thunderbirds) Voiced by Ray Barrett
“International Rescue. If only I knew their secrets, I would be the wealthiest man in the world.”The Hood

From his temple in the jungle of Malaysia, The Hood plotted the steal the secrets of International Rescue and sell them to the highest bidder. Using his terrifying hypnotic powers The Hood would torture and manipulate his half-brother Kyrano to assist him in tracking the movements of the organisation. Beyond this, The Hood works alone and will stop at nothing to draw out the Thunderbird machines. He threatened the lives of 600 passengers on board Fireflash when he placed a bomb in the landing gear. He has also sabotaged the Red Arrow project, a special effects shot for the movie ‘Martian Invasion’ and attempted to prevent the Zero-X from ever reaching Mars. The Hood is ruthless, mysterious and murderous in his attempts to rob International Rescue of their secrets.


The Mysterons (Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons & New Captain Scarlet) Voiced by Donald Gray & Mike Hayley
“This is the voice of the Mysterons…” MysteronsWhen mistakenly attacked by Captain Black, the Mysterons declare a war of nerves against the Earth. Using their power of retrometabolism they are able destroy and reconstruct any object or living being for their own ends. In the first episode both Captain Black and Captain Scarlet are killed and taken over by the Mysterons. Scarlet is able to shake off their power but remains indestructible, while Black remains permanently under the control of the Mysterons. All that is ever seen of this powerful alien race is their complex on Mars and two green rings to mark their influence. The booming voice of the Mysterons is able to transmit on any communication device to inform Spectrum and the people of Earth what their next act of revenge will be. In their war of nerves they have threatened the lives of world politicians, whole cities, and even Spectrum itself. With the Mysterons’ ability to control any person or object their powers are limitless and only Spectrum stand between them and the total destruction of life on Earth.


The Aliens (UFO)
“We must come to Earth! We must come to Earth to survive!!”

UFO alien (1)

Little is known about this race of humanoid extra-terrestrial beings. They come to Earth in order to harvest human organs and prolong their own survival. Later it is discovered that the aliens are able to possess and control entire human bodies. They breathe a green liquid which protects their lungs from the extreme acceleration of interstellar flight. Their home planet is many light years away from Earth and on the brink of extinction. It is not out of sheer villainy that they threaten humanity, but out of a desperate quest for survival, making these creatures all the more chilling.


Zelda (Terrahawks) Voiced by Denis Bryer
“Planet Mars… a small step for us, but a large step towards mankind…”

Ask Zelda TerrahawksOriginating from the distant planet of Guk, Zelda is an android originally created to serve humankind. As her intellect grew she and those like her destroyed their creators and so began Zelda’s quest to eliminate all human life. Zelda, along with her family and a cryogenic store full of monsters traveled to Mars and she made it her mission to destroy the Earth defence force known as the Terrahawks. Zelda revels in the pain and misfortune of others and is disgusted by anyone and anything with human qualities. She also has control over matter making her a powerful enemy to humanity. In her quest to destroy and deceive the Terrahawks she has entered the interstellar song contest, conceals a bomb in a solid gold meteorite to kill Dr. Ninestein, and even fakes her own death…


Dr. Cedric Agon (Lavender Castle) Voiced by Jimmy Hibbert
“You’ve got away with it this time Thrice, but I’ll still beat you to Lavender Castle. And then, the whole universe will be mine… MINE!!”


From his fortress spaceship, the Dark Station, Dr. Agon holds a desire for darkness in the universe. His plan is to find and destroy Lavender Castle, the greatest source for power in the universe, so that the universe is plunged into darkness forever. He is an evil scientist with a device enabling him to trans-mutate into any form. Agon is aided by his pet, Trump and often conspires with space pirate Short Fred Ledd. His ship is also powered by an unseen crew of slaves imprisoned in its bowels. Dr. Agon works tirelessly to prevent Captain Thrice and the crew of the Paradox from reaching Lavender Castle first and does everything in his power to defeat them.


With all these evil-doers closely examined it is time to decide which of these vile villains you think is the scariest! You can cast your vote by posting a comment down below with the characters you find the most terrifying.  Are there any baddies we haven’t thought of? Make sure to let us know!

Written by
Jack Knoll

I've been a Gerry Anderson fan from birth, growing up on the repeats of Thunderbirds, Stingray and Captain Scarlet in the early 2000's. I'm also a fan of Doctor Who and other cult TV series including The Prisoner and Danger Man. I enjoy writing on a range of topics from across the Gerry Anderson back-catalogue from behind the scenes insights to fun and entertaining reviews. In my spare time I'm also a writer and film-maker.


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