Terrahawks Audio Series 3 on the Way!

Zelda and the Terrahawks are Back (again)!

We’ve got some very good news and an early Christmas present for Terrahawks fans today…

Fantastic news for Terrahawks fans comes courtesy of Big Finish Productions today! Next July will see a third series of Terrahawks released from Big Finish, produced and directed by Jamie Anderson, son of Gerry Anderson who – together with Christopher Burr – created Terrahawks as an action-packed adventure series in the 1980s.

“After two very exciting series of Terrahawks, I was utterly thrilled when I got the call commissioning us for a third series. After such an epic finale to series two I’m sure many of our amazing listeners will be wondering what’s next. All I can say is that some big challenges lie ahead for the Terrahawks!” says Jamie.

Terrahawks – Series 3 can be pre-ordered now for £20 on Download and £25 on CD, a price held until after the general release when both go up by £5.

But for those who can’t wait until July, there’s also an early Christmas present with an exclusive free new episode of Terrahawks for download – Terrahawks: Vile stars Jeremy Hitchen, Robbie Stevens, Denise Bryer and Richard James:

Ninestein is tempted onto a TV talk show featuring the most depraved, unpleasant, and pathetic creature the universe has to offer – Jeremy Vile – who also happens to be the show’s host. Tiger’s hopes of negotiating peace with Zelda are soon dashed, but all is not lost as the Queen of Guk exposes the truth about our not-so-loveable host.

Discounted Terrahawks Bundle!

To mark the announcement of a new series of Terrahawks, until mid-day on Christmas Eve (UK time), a bundle collecting Terrahawks Series 1and Series 2 can be bought for £26 on Download and £30 for the CDs.

Also for this period, the prices of both series 1 and series 2 have been reduced to £15 on Download, and £20 for each five-disc sets. The normal price of the bundles will be £36 and £40 respectively, while each series set goes back to the normal price of £25/£30.

Check out the Terrahawks range here, including other free episodes Renta-Hawks and Deadly Departed, and Zelda’s seasonal The Night Before Christmas.

Terrahawks audio series 3 lifts off in July 2017!

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