Thunderbirds Funko Pop! Custom Figures

Thunderbirds fan Jessica Walters has customised three Funko Pop! figures to represent two of the heroic Tracy brothers, Scott and Virgil.

Scott is sporting his iconic Tracy Island casual gear and Virgil is depicted in both casual gear and International Rescue uniform! Truly FAB work!

A likely pair of adventurers, if ever we saw them!
Check out Virgil, doesn’t he look smart?

Update: 18 March 2019

Genuine Thunderbirds Funko Pop figures are on their way! As revealed by the official Gerry Anderson website in February 2019, Funko have revealed that their official Thunderbirds Funko Pop line is on the way – starting with Brains, Lady Penelope and Parker Funkos.

Stay tuned to the Gerry Anderson website for more Thunderbirds Funko news!

Check out the official Thunderbirds Funko Pop Collection on the Gerry Anderson Store.

Written by
Andrew Clements

A writer, film maker and self confessed Gerry Anderson fanatic. Free to good home.

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