WIN this huge Gerry Anderson prize package worth over £1000!

A huge selection of prizes for the massive Gerry Anderson giveaway 2019

From today, and throughout September you can enter our huge Gerry Anderson prize giveaway to be in with a chance of winning a prize package worth over £1000!

Win every available Gerry Anderson series and documentary on DVD, Blu-ray and Audio CD in one FAB prize package PLUS a multi-region Blu-ray player.

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Thanks to our friends at Spirit Entertainment, Network Distributing and Big Finish Productions this is your chance to win our ‘COMPLETE GERRY ANDERSON‘ package.

Gerry Anderson Prize package
A small selection of items in the prize package – many additional items not shown

This is the biggest Gerry Anderson bundle we’ve ever given away, and you can be in with a chance to win by entering the giveaway throughout September 2019!

Enter to be in with a chance of winning, and increase your chance by taking ‘bonus’ actions (detailed after you enter).

The more points you collect the higher your chance of winning.

The prize includes

DVDs and Blu-rays

  • Torchy the Battery Boy volume 1 (DVD)
  • Torchy the Battery Boy volume 2 (DVD)
  • Supercar (DVD)
  • Crossroads to Crime (DVD)
  • Fireball XL5 (DVD)
  • Fireball XL5 colourised episode (Blu-ray)
  • Stingray (DVD)
  • Thunderbirds (DVD + Blu-ray)
  • Captain Scarlet (DVD + Blu-ray)
  • Joe 90 (DVD + Blu-ray)
  • The Secret Service (DVD)
  • The Lost Worlds of Gerry Anderson (DVD)
  • UFO (Blu-ray)
  • The Protectors (DVD)
  • Space 1999 (Complete Series 1 and 2) (Blu-ray)
  • Terrahawks (Blu-ray)
  • Dick Spanner (DVD)
  • Space Precinct (DVD)
  • Lavender Castle (DVD)
  • New Captain Scarlet (Blu-ray)
  • Filmed in Supermarionation
  • Making the Unexpected
  • HD21

Audio Dramas

  • Captain Scarlet: Spectrum File 1
  • Captain Scarlet: Spectrum File 2
  • Captain Scarlet: Spectrum File 3
  • Captain Scarlet 50th anniversary special edition box set
  • Terrahawks Volume 1
  • Terrahawks Volume 2
  • Terrahawks Volume 3
  • Space:1999 Breakaway Standard Edition


  • Gemini Force One: Black Horizon
  • Gemini Force One: Ghost Mine
  • Gemini Force One: White Storm
  • Into Infinity: The Day After Tomorrow
  • Into Infinity: Planetfall
  • Space Precinct Reloaded Volume 1

And a multi-region Blu-ray player. Exact model will depend on the winner’s location and local availability of players.

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PLUS we’re giving away £2,000+ in gift cards!

To help promote the Gerry Anderson store, we’re also giving away 10+ gift cards. We’ll be picking random winners to receive gift cards between £5 and £100 in value. The more points you collect, the higher your chance of winning!

*Gift cards are digital-only and are delivered as a discount code.  Image is for illustrative purposes only. No physical gift cards will be distributed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to buy anything to be entered into the draw?
A: No. No purchase is necessary, and purchasing anything from the Gerry Anderson Store will not increase your chances of winning.

Q: Is there any cost associated with this prize draw?
A: No. If you are the winner we will send you your prize free of charge.

Q: Are there any geographical restrictions?
A: No. You can enter wherever you are in the world.

Q: When will the prize draw take place?
A: In the week following 2nd October 2019.

Q: When will the winner be notified?
A: By the end of October 2019.

Q: What format will the gift card be if I win that?
A: You will receive a gift card code which can be redeemed at checkout. No physical card will be sent out.

Q: How do I get more points to increase my chance of winning?
A: After you enter, you’ll be shown a whole range of ways to increase your points count. You’ll be able to do things like subscribing to our YouTube channel, follow us on various social media platforms, post an image on Instagram, and loads of other ways too. Plus you can share your special link. If people sign up to the giveaway using your link you’ll get loads of extra points!

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