Thunderbirds Day 2019 is Go!

September 30th marks 54 years since Thunderbirds debuted on our screens and the world has never been the same since. To celebrate Thunderbirds Day 2019, Century 21 Films have prepared a FAB feast for Thunderbirds fans everywhere.

On September 30th, exclusively on YouTube, fans will be able to watch all three Thunderbirds 1965 stories produced for the series’ 50th Anniversary in 2015. These critically acclaimed episodes have been highly requested since the successful completion of their Kickstarter campaign, so now is the perfect time to watch them if you’ve missed out before.

As if that wasn’t enough, fans will also be presented with brand new Supermarionation puppet goodness as Century 21 Films present screen adaptations of the popular 1960’s Mini Albums Trapped in the Sky (AKA Thunderbird 1) narrated by Scott, End of the Road (AKA Thunderbird 2) narrated by Brains and Vault of Death narrated by Lady Penelope.

There’s also a plethora of interviews, an opportunity to watch the super Century 21 Slough documentary and more!

Tune in to YouTube on September 30th for this amazing line-up and celebrate Thunderbirds Day 2019 in true International Rescue style!

Thunderbirds Day 2019 line-up

Plus – Special Thunderbirds Day 2019 Merch!

The Gerry Anderson Store will also be launching a range of time-limited Thunderbirds day products – only available 28th-30th September 2019. More news on these FAB special and limited edition products soon!


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