Thunderbirds day

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Thunderbirds: Peril in Peru – hardback novel and CD now available to pre-order!

Written by John Theydon and originally published under the title Calling Thunderbirds in 1966, the second Thunderbirds novel is now available to pre-order...

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Thunderbirds: Four Hours to Eternity [FREE DOWNLOAD]

What better way to celebrate Thunderbirds Day than with a FREE audio download? The Official Gerry Anderson Store is delighted to offer everyone...

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Get Ready For Thunderbirds Day!

On September 30th, 56 years ago, the legendary TV show Thunderbirds made its debut! Since then, it has captivated the hearts and minds of...

Thunderbirds Day Live Stream

Watch the Thunderbirds Day Live Stream

Watch the Thunderbirds Day Live Stream right here! Watch live video from century21films on For 2019, you will be able to catch...


Thunderbirds Day 2019 is Go!

September 30th marks 54 years since Thunderbirds debuted on our screens and the world has never been the same since. To celebrate Thunderbirds...

Limited Edition 2018 Thunderbirds Day T-Shirt Released
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Limited Edition 2018 Thunderbirds Day T-Shirt Released

It’s a very exciting weekend ahead for Thunderbirds fans, not least because we’ve released a fantastic Limited Edition 2018 Thunderbirds Day T-Shirt! But it’s...

Thunderbirds Twitch Schedule

Thunderbirds Twitch Schedule Released

The Thunderbirds Twitch schedule as been released! To celebrate International Thunderbirds Day, a whopping 34-hour marathon of every episode of the original Thunderbirds series, including...

Thunderbirds on Twitch

34 Hours of Thunderbirds on Twitch for International Thunderbirds Day!

5…4…3…2…1…Thunderbirds are GO! In celebration of International Thunderbirds Day September 30, Shout! Factory TV and ITV Studios will live stream a 34-hour marathon...


Our Thunderbirds Day Guide

Your Online Thunderbirds Day Guide 52 years ago today, Gerry Anderson’s Thunderbirds was broadcast for the very first time on ATV. Five (and...


The First Annual Thunderbirds day announced!

Global Celebration of “Thunderbirds day” sees a program of exclusive screenings at VUE. Wednesday 16th August, London – ITV Studios Global Entertainment (ITVS...

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