Our Thunderbirds Day Guide

Your Online Thunderbirds Day Guide

52 years ago today, Gerry Anderson’s Thunderbirds was broadcast for the very first time on ATV. Five (and a bit) decades on, the show remains as popular as ever – with a new generation of fans being made aware of the classic series by ITV’s ‘reinvention’ of the show – a hybrid CGI series called ‘Thunderbirds Are Go’. ITV have decided to celebrate the classic and new series together for the first time in what is hoped to become an annual event – Thunderbirds Day! Here’s a quick Thunderbirds Day guide to the things you can enjoy this weekend.

Thunderbirds episodes at Vue Cinemas

Today, the Thunderbirds 1965 episode ‘The Abominable Snowman’ is being screened alongside two new episodes of Thunderbirds are go in a number of Vue cinemas all over the UK. Plenty of tickets are still available at the time of writing. Book your Thunderbirds Day screening here.

Thunderbirds Sale at the Gerry Anderson Store

We’re celebrating by giving fans 25% off a range of Thunderbirds merchandise at the Gerry Anderson store. The offer includes Thunderbirds toys and models like Corgi’s lovely Thunderbird 2 and 4 models. It runs from 9am on 30th September to 11.59pm on Sunday 1st October at the Gerry Anderson Store.

Thunderbirds Takeover the Emirates Airline

From 22 September to 29 October visitors to the cable car can immerse themselves in scenes from Tracy Island, as they travel through the themed terminals and take off to the legendary ‘5-4-3-2-1’ countdown in one of the cabins themed as the Thunderbirds vehicles. Find out more here.

Lady Penelope themed Cream Tea at the Intercontinental

Until 30th October, visitors to the Intercontinental London at the O2 will be able to relax in the stylish and decadent surroundings of the Meridian Lounge, as they sample delicious themed treats fit for International Rescue’s stylish London Agent, including Tracy Island coconut pineapple verrine, FAB 1 pink bonbon torte and Lady Penelope monogrammed macarons. A specially created Lady Penelope cocktail will also be on offer providing the perfect finishing touch to a decadent afternoon.

thunderbirds day guide

Fanderson Convention

Fanderson are holding a convention in Maidenhead to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Captain Scarlet, but we’re pretty sure there’ll be plenty of Thunderbirds Day celebrations there too. We hope everyone has a fantastic time!

So that’s it for our very quick Thunderbirds day guide. We hope you have an F.A.B day!

What are you getting up to to celebrate Thunderbirds Day? Let us know in the comments section below!


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