Your Questions Answered about Stingray: Deadly Uprising

Anderson Entertainment has recently announced its plans to celebrate the forthcoming 60th anniversary of Stingray in spectacular style with Stingray: Deadly Uprising! This hugely ambitious trans-media narrative tells a thrilling new story set in the original world of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s classic 1964 underwater Supermarionation TV series across novellas, audio releases, comic strips and a live full-cast performance.

In Deadly Uprising, the villainous underwater despot Titan launches his most elaborate and devastating plan yet to destroy the World Aquanaut Security Patrol. His plan involves forging alliances with sinister undersea races and hijacking Marineville’s latest technological marvel. The valiant Stingray crew face their deadliest threat yet in defending the surface world from Titan’s attack.

Since our reveal, we thought we’d take the chance to catch up on questions that our Anderfans have been asking about this unique event. Stand by for answers!

Will I have to buy all of the releases to understand the full story?

No – but it is recommended! Each release that forms part of Deadly Uprising tells its own unique adventure, but experiencing each adventure in order will allow you to enjoy the wider arc with greater clarity. There’s a clear sense of progression across each release when enjoyed in chronological order.

Will Deadly Uprising feature new or classic villains?

Both! You may have spotted a few familiar faces from the official poster for Deadly Uprising, but the narrative will feature a healthy mixture of new enemies and returning faces.

What exactly will the Stingray Comic Anthologies contain?

The comic anthologies will feature a mixture of classic material and 10 new comic stories which tie into the Deadly Uprising narrative. Stingray Comic Anthology Vol. 1: Tales from the Depths will combine classic 60s comic strips from TV21 with the first five new Deadly Uprising comic adventures. Stingray Comic Anthology Vol.2 : Battle Lines will balance other classic Stingray comics from the 60s, 70s, and the 1990s with the second batch of new strips, which provide readers with the electrifying finale to the Deadly Uprising narrative.

Will the Deadly Uprising artwork be made available as a poster?

Yes! More details on this will be revealed in due course.

Will overseas fans be able to hear Deadly Concerto?

Yes! Fans attending Stand By for Action! 2: Tunes of Danger will hear Deadly Concerto performed lived, but overseas fans or those who won’t be able to make it to the concert won’t be forgotten. Further details will be announced in due course.

Is Deadly Uprising canon?

Yes! Deadly Uprising is set within the universe of the classic Stingray TV series, providing fans with a whole new adventure set within the series’ original world.

Who is writing and drawing for Deadly Uprising?

The two forthcoming novellas, The Titanican Stratagem and Project Orca, are written by Chris Dale and Bob Ayres, respectively, More details on the other stories that make up the rest of Deadly Uprising will be revealed in due course.

Are there any more original Stingray adventures planned by Anderson Entertainment?

Quite possibly! Anderson Entertainment’s current deal with ITV allows for new adventures based on the classic Supermarionation properties to be told across comics, novels and audio dramas. If Anderfans enjoy what we have to offer with Deadly Uprising, there’s every chance that further new adventures could become a reality.

More in-depth details about each individual release that forms part of Deadly Uprising will be announced later in the year. Discover more about this thrilling forthcoming multi-release event via the Stingray: Deadly Uprising mini website! You can also sign up to the Deadly Uprising mailing list to receive all the latest updates on the narrative direct to your inbox.

Tickets are also still available for our forthcoming concert, Stand By for Action! 2: Tunes of Danger, in which you can enjoy an enthralling evening of classic music from the worlds of Gerry Anderson performed live, as well as experience the first breath-taking instalment of the Deadly Uprising arc!

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Fred McNamara

Atomic-powered writer/editor. Website editor at Official Gerry Anderson. Author of Flaming Thunderbolts: The Definitive Story of Terrahawks. Also runs Gerry Anderson comic book blog Sequential 21.

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