Exclusive Interview: Ed Straker Speaks!

Dateline: September 15th, 1980 Ed Straker is the head of one of the UK’s biggest independent studios, Harlington-Straker Studios. Whereas most movie makers...

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Anderson Artist Shoutout!

Many Gerry Anderson fans know me for my Anderson themed artwork. In fact, with almost 70 Anderson specific images on my deviant art page (shameless...


Zelda from Terrahawks on Trump

In an unusual move, Zelda – queen of the planet Guk, and ruler of the universe has released an official statement – involving...


Stingray and the W.A.S.P. Fleet

It’s worth pointing out that I was able to write the bulk of this article in the line for the ‘Skull Island’ ride...

Thunderbirds Taxis are Go in London

Thunderbirds Taxis Are Go in London

Watch our for five Thunderbirds taxis in London this weekend! The publicity stunt hosted to celebrate the new series of ITV’s Thunderbirds Are...


Konami Models: A Retrospective Review

Ask any Gerry Anderson fan to list what they most enjoy about any of Gerry Anderson’s science fiction epics and the chances are...


Thunderbirds: The Most Dangerous Rescues!

Different people enjoy watching Thunderbirds for different reasons, but one reason that perhaps unites many fans is the juxtaposition of Thunderbirds’ emphasis on...


Space:1999 Special Guest Stars!

Ian Coomber guides us through a gallery of Space: 1999’s most famous guest stars. While a regular cast of actors often provided voices...


Top 10 Thunderbird 2 Pod Vehicles

One of the most eagerly anticipated moments in any episode of Thunderbirds is when Thunderbird 2 deploys it’s pod and the huge numbered...


UFO’s Most Shocking Moments!

WARNING – THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS SPOILERS ABOUT THE SERIES! UFO is considered by many to be one of the best science fiction series ever created....

Prepare for life on Moonbase Alpha

UFO: The Complete Comic Collection