Ned Cook Reports!

Greetings to you my loyal readers and dedicated fans! I thought it was about time I gave you a brief update on my...


Gunfight On Main Street!

From the Wild West to the unknown regions of deep space, there will always be something lurking to threaten our brave heroes. In...

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Zelda’s ‘Terrahawks Blu-ray’ Announcement

It’s finally time! The first series of Terrahawks has launched on Blu-ray and DVD courtesy of those idiots at Network, and I thought I would...


My Top (Non-Episode) Thunderbirds Stories

Cameron Stewart takes us through his top non-screen Thunderbirds stories. For some fans the adventures of the International Rescue team exist solely in the...


Invaders From The Deep!

Under the sea, hordes of aquatic aliens prepare to overthrow the people of the Earth!  Luckily for us, we’re protected from these oceanic...


Have A FAB Father’s Day!

Sunday 19th June marks Father’s Day in the UK, the perfect occasion to reminisce through happy childhood memories with the old man or...


The Complete Thunderbirds Story

  Acknowledging that Thunderbirds is a 60s show, I feel that not nearly enough is said about a lot of the cool stuff...


The World Of The Future!

It may not be the middle of the 21st Century just yet, but it’s amazing how many present day inventions were predicted throughout...


Set Sail For Adventure

Gerry Anderson shows are full of incredible machines built for flying our heroes all over the world and even to other worlds beyond...

Scott Tracy and Shane Rimmer

Gerry Anderson Actors in Classic Doctor Who Stories

This article comes from guest blogger Ian Coomber. Ian is a contributor to What Culture, as well as having his own film and television blog....

Prepare for life on Moonbase Alpha

UFO: The Complete Comic Collection