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In celebration of This Episode!

The Thunderbirds opening titles sequence is perfection. But what precisely makes it so? Let’s see… Okay, literally everything. Everything is perfect. The countdown!...

Jon Culshaw interviews
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Jon Culshaw Podcast Interviews (Part one and Two!)

Jon Culshaw – the well-known and loved impressionist and actor – joined us for two recent episodes of the Gerry Anderson podcast. You...

Pod 50 of the gerry anderson podcasr
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Pod 50 of the Gerry Anderson Podcast!

50 episodes! Wow! Well, here we are. 50 podcasts into the Gerry Anderson Podcast! To celebrate we’re answering 50 questions from you, our...

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Top 5 personal transportation devices

The Gerry Anderson universe is brimming with classic vehicles that everybody remembers and loves, but alongside these is a contingent of smaller single-occupant...

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5 Gerry Anderson filming locations that still exist today!

Visiting locations used in your favourite show is a must for fans of many classic television series around the world. For Gerry Anderson...

interview with mary anderson
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Part Two of our Interview with Mary Anderson on the Gerry Anderson Podcast

This week, it’s the second part of our interview with Mary Anderson – Gerry’s widow. She joins us for the second part of...

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It’s a Mindbender – why so many Gerry Anderson episode orders?

One question we see crop up frequently in relation to the various Anderson series (although not quite as often as “what does F.A.B....

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Demeter City – Space Precinct’s lost first episode!

Space Precinct’s journey from original concept to finished television series was a notably longer and more complicated one than any other Gerry Anderson...

Richard Gregory has passed away
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Richard Gregory has Passed Away

We’re incredibly sad to report that Richard Gregory – a master of film and television effects, animatronics and design has passed away suddenly...

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Top 5 Gerry Anderson pets

You’d think that the constant action and non-stop thrills of your typical Gerry Anderson series would mean that many of their stars wouldn’t...

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