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Top 6 Gerry Anderson two-parter stories

Despite producing more than five hundred television episodes over a fifty year period there were remarkably few true two-part stories in any of...

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Top 5 strangest Gerry Anderson aliens

Aliens – where would the Gerry Anderson shows be without them? Some are friendly. Some are not. Then there are those who are...

Pod 25 Crispin Merrell
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Gerry Anderson Podcast: Pod 25 – Crispin Merrell (Part 1)

To celebrate the recent release of Space Precinct on DVD and the Space Precinct Soundtrack this week, Chris Dale interviews Crispin Merrell about his...

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Top 5 Gerry Anderson robots and androids

One of the key themes in most Gerry Anderson series is how technology can make our lives better – and how easily it...

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Top 5 Gerry Anderson communication devices

Several of the various Gerry Anderson shows are among those classic science fiction series to predict advances in technology that nowadays we all...

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Top 5 live action explosions

After our list of top 5 explosions from the Gerry Anderson puppet shows you’d naturally expect us to do the same for the...

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Connecting threads; Star Trek

Gerry Anderson’s television and film work spanned six decades, so it’s only to be expected that many familiar faces voices and names from...

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Top 5 Gerry Anderson space stations & satellites

For those of us who wish we were a spaceman it’s important to have a base of operations in space from which we...

Space Precinct Comic Space Precinct Reloaded price reduced
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Space Precinct Comic Price Reduced!

To celebrate the recent news that Space Precinct will be coming out on DVD this November, we’re slashing the price of the Space...

Space Precinct Complete Series DVD
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Space Precinct Complete Series DVD out this November!

We’re absolutely thrilled to announce that the Space Precinct complete series DVD set will be released this November! Fans have been asking for...

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