Space Precinct

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#CheersGerryAnderson – Celebrate His Amazing Legacy

#CheersGerryAnderson – Celebrate His Amazing Legacy Gerry Anderson passed away on Boxing Day 2012, exactly 8 years ago today. For many Anderson fans,...

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Thunderbirds: The Flight Before Christmas! – A Gerry Anderson News Story

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, Not a Tracy was stirring, nor even a mouse; The moon was shining,...

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Space Precinct Audiobook Performed by Richard James!

Space Precinct is among Gerry Anderson’s more underrated programs, but many of you have been rediscovering it. Big thanks to its recent DVD...

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New Gerry Anderson Audio Collection Releases!

Three new full-length audiobooks from the World of Gerry Anderson are on the way! Stand by for action in stories from Into Infinity,...

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Gerry Anderson Audiobook Series Co-production Announced

22 May 2020 – Anderson Entertainment and Big Finish Productions have struck a deal to extend the collection of Gerry Anderson audiobooks and...

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Missing in Action; When Gerry Anderson characters go AWOL!

The Gerry Anderson universe was populated by dozens of memorable characters – but there are quite a few who never had the chance...

Barry Gray interview podcast
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Barry Gray Interview on the Gerry Anderson Podcast

Pod 69 of the Gerry Anderson Podcast features a Barry Gray Interview as well as a fantastic archive appearance of where Barry sings...

Mary Turner Interview
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Mary Turner Interview on the Gerry Anderson Podcast

Pod 59 of the Gerry Anderson Podcast features a short but sweet Mary Turner Interview. Mary is the longest-serving surviving member of the...

Marc Silk Podcast Interviews
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Marc Silk Podcast Interviews (Part one and Two!)

Voice actor Marc Silk joined us for two recent episodes of the Gerry Anderson podcast. You can listen to these Marc Silk Podcast...

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Top 5 Gerry Anderson time travel episodes!

Surprisingly for a body of work of more than five hundred television episodes, a substantial chunk of which dealt with science fiction concepts,...

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UFO: The Complete Comic Collection