Anderson Online Preview: All the Reveals from Gerry Anderson Day 2024

Gerry Anderson Day has come and gone for another year, but this year’s event was particularly special for Anderfans. As well as celebrating the life and work of Gerry Anderson with our successful 12-hour livestream of classic episodes, documentaries and more, Gerry Anderson Day saw the launch of our first ever Anderson Online Preview.

The Anderson Online Preview serves as an exciting showcase of what Anderson Entertainment has planned across the upcoming months. Our upcoming releases include concerts, collectable diecast models and sidearms, multimedia narratives, and a surprise or two! Check out the reveals below!

Gerry Anderson Day 2024 T-Shirt

Our Gerry Anderson Day 2024 t-shirt is down to extremely limited stock, so if you’d like to get your hands on this commemorative item, don’t delay! The t-shirt is available to buy from the Official Gerry Anderson store. It features the regular Gerry Anderson Day logo, but with a unique Stingray theme to celebrate the super-sub’s 60th anniversary in October 2024.

12 Hour Broadcast

We celebrated this year’s Gerry Anderson Day with a repeating 12-hour live broadcast on the Official Gerry Anderson YouTube channel. This colossal broadcast was jam-packed with classic TV episodes from across Gerry Anderson’s career, as well as a huge variety of other content, including audio episodes, trailers, documentaries and beyond. The broadcast even included a brand new audio UFO story, ‘Satellite Scare’, read by Big Finish’s Nicholas Briggs.

Stingray: Deadly Uprising

Stingray celebrates its 60th anniversary later this year, and to mark the occasion, Anderson Entertainment have announced the ambitious multimedia narrative, Stingray: Deadly Uprising. This unique event tells an electrifying new storyline set in the original universe of the classic 1964 Supermarionation TV series. The storyline will be told across a novellas, audiobooks, comic anthologies, as well as a live concert performance. Discover more about Deadly Uprising and keep up to date with further news via the Official Gerry Anderson website.

Stand By for Action 2: Tunes of Danger

Dive into the fantastic musical worlds of Gerry Anderson with our upcoming concert – Stand By for Action 2: Tunes of Danger. This one-off event takes place on July 13th at the Symphony Hall in Birmingham and offers Anderfans the opportunity to step back into the timeless worlds of Gerry Anderson TV shows and enjoy a full orchestral performance which will bring many classic TV themes and incidental music to life! There’ll be plenty of musical surprises in store, including the aforementioned live performance as part of Stingray: Deadly Uprising, and by popular demand, the Zero X theme! Tickets for Stand By for Action are on sale now!

VIP Eagle

As teased on the Gerry Anderson Day 2024 Live Celebration, the latest release in our popular range of collectable die-cast models will be the VIP Eagle from Space: 1999! The VIP Eagle was briefly seen in Space: 1999‘s classic debut episode ‘Breakaway’ as the craft which transported Commissioner Simmonds from Earth to Moonbase Alpha just before the fateful explosion that rips the moon from the Earth’s orbit, sealing Simmonds’ own fate for the series. The VIP Eagle will be the third in our range of classic Eagles, following on from the Transporter Eagle and the Rescue Eagle, both of which are available from the Official Gerry Anderson store.

Stingray WASP Sidearm

Arm yourself with this fantastic replica prop of the classic WASP sidearm from Stingray! Gerry Anderson shows are well-known for their retrofuture technology and weaponry, but the WASP sidearm surely stands out as one of the most visually bewildering weapons ever handled by a Supermarionation hero. This wonderfully designed and crafted replica prop will provide fans with an authentic experience of becoming a fully-armed member of the World Aquanaut Security Patrol.

Stingray Technical Operations Manual

Last but not least, Stingray: Deadly Uprising won’t be the only way that we’ll be celebrating Stingray‘s 60th anniversary. One or two further surprises are in store, one of which we’ve recently teased on the Gerry Anderson Day 2024 livestream – the Stingray Technical Operations Manual! The latest in our hugely popular range of Technical Operations Manuals, written and designed by Chris Thompson and Andrew Clements, will be all about the world of Stingray and the World Aquanaut Security Patrol.

More details on all of these upcoming releases will be announced in the coming months. If you’d like to stay tuned for further news on these and further details on all that’s happening in the worlds of Gerry Anderson, follow us across our social media channels or sign up to our mailing list. There’s always something new happening in the worlds of Gerry Anderson – stand by for action!

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Fred McNamara

Atomic-powered writer/editor. Website editor at Official Gerry Anderson. Author of Flaming Thunderbolts: The Definitive Story of Terrahawks. Also runs Gerry Anderson comic book blog Sequential 21.

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