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Terrhawks Record Store Day Release Announced
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Terrahawks Record Store Day Release Announced

A limited-edition Terrahawks Record Store Day release has been announced! The fluorescent orange vinyl release includes extended opening and closing themes from the...

Terrahawks spacehawk launched into orbit

Terrahawks Spacehawk Launched into Orbit!

5th March 2020 – A toy from legendary TV creator Gerry Anderson’s series Terrahawks has been sent high into Earth’s atmosphere to celebrate...

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Limited Edition Supercar Soundtrack Available

A Limited edition (500 worldwide) sherbert lemon two vinyl Supercar Soundtrack set is now available to pre-order for release in late March 2020....

Alan Patillo with Thunderbird 3

Alan Pattillo has died

We’re very sorry to learn of the passing of Alan Pattillo who died on 16th January 2020. He was 90. He had been...


Robert J Sawyer on the Gerry Anderson Podcast (Part 3)

This week we are again joined (for the final time) by Hugo-award-winning science fiction Robert J Sawyer, who gives us his thoughts on...

Robert J Sawyer on the Gerry Anderson Podcast
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Robert J Sawyer Interview on the Gerry Anderson Podcast

Robert J Sawyer has joined Jamie Anderson and Richard James for the most recent edition of the Gerry Anderson Podcast. Robert talks us...

Samira Ahmed Space 1999 Mastermind
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Samira Ahmed’s Space 1999 Mastermind Round – Tonight at 6:30PM

Gerry Anderson fans in the UK may be interested in tonight’s edition of Celebrity Mastermind – the Champion of Champions edition. It features...

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Captain Black Friday has arrived! Here are our top 5 deals

Here’s Richard and Jamie from the Gerry Anderson Podcast with their Captain Black Friday top 5 countdown…   SALE ENDS 2 DECEMBER 2019...

Captain Black Friday 2019
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What to expect from Captain Black Friday 2019

What is Captain Black Friday? Our Captain Black Friday weekend event is an annual sale. This year it runs from 29 November to...

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Join the Captain Black Friday Priority List!

From 29th November until the 2nd December Captain Black will be taking over the Gerry Anderson Store, slashing prices, for his annual Captain...

Prepare for life on Moonbase Alpha

UFO: The Complete Comic Collection