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Space Precinct: Reloaded: Returning to Demeter City

Announced back in October 2017 during FAB Live, Space Precinct: Reloaded is a revival of the 1994 TV show Space Precinct, set 10...

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The Gerry Anderson Christmas Gift Guide!

Pick up the perfect Christmas Gift! What’s that you say? Christmas is closer than ever before and you still haven’t sorted those last...

Space 1999 t-shirt
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Space 1999 T-shirt Wins Monthly Tee Contest!

Chris Thompson’s stunning Space 1999 t-shirt design is the winner of this month’s Anderson t-shirt contest and is available exclusively to pre-order until...

Lost Worlds of Gerry Anderson north america
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Lost Worlds of Gerry Anderson Hits America!

The collection of rare works from the Supermarionation maestro – the Lost Worlds of Gerry Anderson – are now available in North America...

Space Precinct Reloaded logo
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New Space Precinct Reloaded Comic On the Way!

As you may have heard during FAB Live 10 (What?! You haven’t been watching FAB Live? Check it out here!), a brand new...

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Complete Your Gemini Force 1 Collection!

Complete Your Gemini Force 1 Collection! Thanks to our Captain Black Friday Sale you can pick up all three books in the explosively...

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Captain Black Friday Starts Today!

THIS IS THE VOICE OF THE MYSTERONS, CAPTAIN BLACK FRIDAY HAS BEGUN! It’s that time of year again! The Mysterons have announced to...

Captain Black Friday is go
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The Gerry Anderson Store’s Captain Black Friday Sale is Coming!

Captain Black Friday Sale Begins Tomorrow! Our (Captain) Black Friday Sale starts tomorrow night (23 Nov) and runs until 27 Nov; 25-80% off...

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Spectrum Hovercraft Model available to pre-order!

Spectrum Hovercraft Model available to pre-order! To celebrate the recent 50th anniversary of Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons, we’re thrilled to announce this...

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New Japanese Model Kits Available!

New Japanese Model Kits Available! The Gerry Anderson Store has been able to procure limited stock of some exciting Japanese Model Kits! Thunderbird...

Prepare for life on Moonbase Alpha

UFO: The Complete Comic Collection