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The Fifteen (Anderson) Doctors!

All manner of strange and nasty ailments can befall residents of the Gerry Anderson television universe, from brains melting on the Moon to...

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Top 5 Gerry Anderson pets

You’d think that the constant action and non-stop thrills of your typical Gerry Anderson series would mean that many of their stars wouldn’t...

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Top 5 strangest Gerry Anderson aliens

Aliens – where would the Gerry Anderson shows be without them? Some are friendly. Some are not. Then there are those who are...

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Actor John Bluthal Has Died

John Bluthal Has Died John Bluthal, the man who voiced gruff and efficient Commander Zero of the World Space Patrol in Fireball XL5...

Mike Noble has died
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TV21 Comic Artist Mike Noble Has Died

We’re very sorry to bring you the news that Mike Noble, best known for his stunning artwork in the TV21 comics of the...

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Top 5 Gerry Anderson robots and androids

One of the key themes in most Gerry Anderson series is how technology can make our lives better – and how easily it...

Gerry Anderson title sequences
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Our Top 10 Gerry Anderson Title Sequences

We think everyone can agree that one of the most exciting parts of a Gerry Anderson series was the thing you’d see every...

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Teaching Inspired by Gerry Anderson

If you’ve tuned into the last few episodes of FAB Live, you may well have heard the name Peter Littman being mentioned by...

Fireball XL5 Book Artwork Up for Auction
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Fireball XL5 Book Artwork Up for Auction

Profiles in History are auctioning off some original Fireball XL5 book artwork by Mel Crawford – with the auction set to take place...

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Cosplayers Are Go!

Young fans of Gerry Anderson’s creations have been dressing up as their favourite characters for more than 50 years, but in the 21st...

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