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Super Space Theatre – The Gerry Anderson compilation movies

If you were a Gerry Anderson fan growing up in the 1980s or 1990s then chances are you were familiar with a range...

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A Question of Proportions – Larger or Smaller Puppet Heads?

One of the defining characteristics of Gerry Anderson as a producer was his desire to create the very best work possible, with each...

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Ten Gerry Anderson music masterpieces!

The many television series and films produced by Gerry Anderson were blessed with some of the greatest creative talents of their time, and...


The weirdest Stingray story ever – The Waters of Hyde!

From the very first issue of Thunderbirds the Comic in 1991 to the premature end of the Thunderbirds are Go! comic several years...

Century 21 Tech Talk
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Watch all of our Century 21 Tech Talk Episodes

The first series of Century 21 Tech talk is now complete, but you can watch all of them right here! If you’d ever...

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Top 5 personal transportation devices

The Gerry Anderson universe is brimming with classic vehicles that everybody remembers and loves, but alongside these is a contingent of smaller single-occupant...

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It’s a Mindbender – why so many Gerry Anderson episode orders?

One question we see crop up frequently in relation to the various Anderson series (although not quite as often as “what does F.A.B....


Top 5 worst Gerry Anderson dream episodes!

Last time we examined our five favourite “it was all a dream!” episodes from the various Gerry Anderson shows, and now it’s time...

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Gerry Anderson comics are go! The TV21 Story

By 1965, Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s Supermarionation series had become something of a television phenomenon in the U.K., with Supercar, Fireball XL5 and...

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Top 5 funniest Gerry Anderson episodes

‘Comedy episode’; two words guaranteed to strike fear into the hearts of cult television fans, sometimes even more so than ‘clip show’. There’s...

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