The Responsibility Seat: Our Top 10 Gerry Anderson Leaders

Every team needs their leader, and with teamwork forming such a prominent theme in many of Gerry Anderson’s productions, some strong characters have taken their...


The Science of UFO: The Interceptor

The S.H.A.D.O Interceptor is one of the most Iconic designs from UFO. Originally designed by Mike Trim and then revised by Derek Meddings....


Doppelganger Car Recovered!

We’re very pleased to announce that the Doppelganger car has been recovered by Anderson Entertainment and private collector – James Winch. The car...


Wanda Ventham Appears in Sherlock

Sherlock’s much anticipated return on 1st January 2014 contained a surprise for many Gerry Anderson fans! Wanda Ventham made a brief cameo as...


Finding Straker’s Car

Straker’s Car – An Obsession This weekend’s guest blog comes from Straker’s Car obsessive Sean Robinson. Many of you will already know about...

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