Could this be the end of the Terrahawks’ Tiger Ninestein?

In the run-up to the release of Big Finish’s Terrahawks Series 3 full-cast audio drama, we’re giving you a run-down of what you...

50th anniversary of Gerry Anderson's Captain Scarlet.
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Cover Reveal for Captain Scarlet 50th Anniversary box set!

Spectrum Is Gold! Ready for pre-order, Big Finish can reveal the cover for the Captain Scarlet 50th Anniversary Box set, which will feature five original mini...

Terrahawks volume 3 from Big Finish

Terrahawks Volume 3 – Behind the Scenes

With Terrahawks Volume 3 shortly to be released by Big Finish, we get a chance to look behind the scenes at the continuing...

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More Big Chief Studios Thunderbirds Character Previews!

We’re very excited to see more Big Chief Studios Thunderbirds Character preview images, released today by Big Chief on their Facebook page.  ...

Terrahawks audio series 3 cover

Big Finish Terrahawks Audio Series 3 Stories and Cover Revealed!

Terrahawks Audio Series 3 News! After season two’s climactic finale, many fans may have worried that the Terrahawks were finished. But as always...

Jeff, Penelope and Parker in Introducing Thunderbirds

Introducing Thunderbirds Teaser Released

As the Thunderbirds 1965 project nears completion, they’ve just released a brand new teaser for Introducing Thunderbirds – which follows the story of...


First Terrahawks Teaser Released

The new audio series from Big Finish and Anderson Entertainment is launching in just a few weeks time, and the first Terrahawks teaser...

Prepare for life on Moonbase Alpha

UFO: The Complete Comic Collection